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Офигенное радио - Павел Хвост
Автор блога: Хвост
20 лет со дня смерти Виктора Цоя
Сегодня двадцать лет со дня смерти Виктора Цоя
он погиб 15 августа 1990 года в автокатастрофе под Тукумсом (Латвия) и было ему 28 лет. На его могилу на Богословском кладбище в Петербурге по традиции придут сегодня поклонники со всей России. У меня нет возможности поехать в Питер в эту дату, на могилу уважаемого мною певца, а жаль.
В Москве  поклонники Виктора Цоя  встречаются на старом Арбате, ввиду того что я работаю совсем рядом со "Стеной Цоя"  в этот памятный день я прикоснулся к стене  памяти Виктора. С самого утра на Старом Арбате звучат песни группы КИНО
Очень теплая обстановка, небольшое количество журналистов и люди, люди действительно понимающие его песни, любящие его творчество.
Цой жив! так написано на его стене, так он живет в наших сердцах
стена Цоя фото:

Grammy Awards 2010

Номинанты Grammy Awards 2010:

Оглашены номинанты  52-ой музыкальной премии Грэмми, церемония вручения которой пройдет 31 января 2010 года в Лос-Анджелесе.

Лучшая композиция года

«Poker Face» - Lady Gaga

«Pretty Wings» - Maxwell

«Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)» - Beyonce

«Use Somebody» - Kings of Leon

«You Belong With Me» - Taylor Swift

Лучшая поп-группа

Black Eyed Peas - «I Gotta Feeling»

Bon Jovi - «We Weren’t Born to Follow»

The Fray - «Never Say Never»

Daryl Hall and John Oates - «Sara Smile»

MGMT - «Kids»

Лучший рок-альбом

AC/DC - «Black Ice»

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood - «Live from Madison Square Garden»

Green Day - «21st Century Breakdown»

Dave Matthews Band - «Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King»

U2 - «No Line on the Horizon»

Лучший рэп-исполнитель

Drake - «Best I Ever Had»

Eminem - «Beautiful»

Jay-Z - «D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)»

Kid Cudi - «Day ‘N’ Nite»

Mos Def - «Casa Bey»

Лучший кантри-исполнитель

Brooks and Dunn - «Cowgirls Don’t Cry»

Zac Brown Band - «Chicken Fried»

Lady Antebellum - «I Run to You»

Rascal Flatts - «Here Comes Goodbye»

Sugarland - «It Happens»

Запись года

Beyonce - «Halo»

Black Eyed Peas - «I Gotta Feeling»

Kings of Leon - «Use Somebody»

Lady Gaga - «Poker Face»

Taylor Swift - «You Belong With Me»

Альбом года

Beyonce - «I Am...Sasha Fierce»

Black Eyed Peas - «The E.N.D.»

Lady Gaga - «The Fame»

Dave Matthews Band - «Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King»

Taylor Swift - «Fearless»

Лучший новый артист

Zac Brown Band

Keri Hilson


Silversun Pickups

The Ting Tings
Английская народная сказка про деньги
A tendon was firm which gave people rest in egipte and rest in podmoskov’e, they were not engaged in other segments of market although rest in turcii very perspective business also, if to find clients through the shop of conflagrant tours. They sent  the most clever worker in the shop of domestic technique which was in one building with  the inkom real estate  and there there was a lease of plasma panels, but it not so already and it is important in our fairy-tale,
walking up to the entrance  road a build technique blocked up him. with inscription Making of metallokonstrukciy but inscription was in incomprehensible him language and it was necessary to call the bureau of translations and wait whole hour listening as a diesel generator clatters . this power-station fed in fact a piler transportation of furniture passed there.
An employee put a bold laugh on and decided to wait in a nearby apartment, but also there he was grasped by a failure cleaning up of office and cleaning of windows  no less noisy work boiled there, Rainbow a vacuum cleaner squealed on complete power. A fellow was annoying  and went out through a back door in a court, drove away a standing without a supervision autoloader and on him he began to tear along as ivanushka on stoves, but not raschital speed on a turn and embedded in a medical center,
a loader fallen down on a side  breaking the vehicle of laser therapy and crushing the worker of Uzbek appearance, to which already the third day gas power-station was not added under repair, in general he was kakoyto strange, on him there was an overall with inscription renewal of information  and internet advertising,  but also here our fairy-tale  rushed about not in a that river-bed, crushed and crushed, horse-radish with him however able he so was not to get permission on work.
So after long adventures  and wanders on side-streets he stepped back very much far from a necessary him place and  to have  time to get to closing of shop he decided to purchase a car. To purchase a machine he succeeded without the special labour and he quickly found a necessary  street and house and overjoyed seeing cherished the sverkayushie neon  of letter, this was the outdoor advertising of shop the WORLD DOMESTIC TECHNIQUE,
coming running in inward  he quickly filled up the mobile telephone of NOKIA  through a standing in a hall pay terminal, though for him and there was the most advantageous tariff plan of den’gi as for spite made off in most not suitable moment. Going by dinner-wagons  on which designed a commodity in credit, he not taking a look rapid steps aside by chance not to purchase a television set or repair parts to inomarkam, narpavlyalsya to the cherished purpose in a department the "Computer technique" what to purchase notebook.
Prices on notebooks appeared considerably higher what advertising promised in the internet, it him not frightened because he knew that it is very needed to create the site of firm, but  nearby organization promised to give free khosting, in fact reliable khosting  of site, after untwisting of sites  it is a half of success,  because  filling  with content  a resource already not what legal accompaniment not may need what obnalichit’ a money is begun to work using a honest method the Context advertising and bannernaya advertising, and similarly known worldwide system of Google Adsense .
And here in a head a stunning idea knocked our hero. He began to cry on all  supermarket of,O! Evrikaaaa!  and this firm of nakhren went, in my pocket 100000$  and credit card of chief with pinkodom, will bring down ka I on kanarskie islands or on mal’divy, and me nobody will never find there. And that did you think ? Correctly!!! He brought down.  Whew one worker of office became a rich  and happy man.
Pavel Hvost www.ofigennoe.ru
Песни на Евровидении 2009
Песни на Евровидении 2009
Финал Et s’il fallait le faire • Miss Kiss Kiss Bang • La noche es para mí • My Time • Мамо

Полуфинал 1 La teva decisió • Nor Par • Eyes That Never Lie • Copycat • Бистра вода • Illusion • Lose Control • We Don’t Wanna Put In • Is It True? • There Must Be Another Way • Нешто што ќе остане • What If We • Just Get Out of My Life • Todas as ruas do amor • The Balkan Girls • The Highest Heights • Düm Tek Tek

Полуфинал 2 Always • Më merr në ëndërr • Lijepa Tena • Firefly • Believe Again • This Is Our Night • Dance with Me • Et Cetera • Пробка • Pasiklydęs žmogus • Ципела • Hora din Moldova • Shine • Fairytale • I Don’t Wanna Leave • Love Symphony
Участники Евровидения 2009
Участники Евровидения 2009
Финал Патрисия Каас • Джейд Ивен • Анастасия Приходько • Алекс Кристенсен и Оскар Лоя • Сорайя
Полуфинал 1 Waldo’s People • Ноа и Мира Авад • Хадисе • Gipsy.cz • Пётр Елфимов • Lovebugs • Regina • Елена Георге • Андреа Демирович • Патрик Ушен • Сюзанна Георги • Йоганна Гудрун Йонсдоттир • Стефане и 3G • Крассимир Аврамов • Flor-de-Lis • Next Time • Кьяра • Инга и Ануш Аршакян
Полуфинал 2 De Toppers • Айсель Теймурзаде и Араш • Brinck • Кейси Тола • Сакис Рувас • Александр Рыбак • Саша Сон • Интарс Бусулис • Quartissimo • Кристина Метакса • Игор Цукров • Нелли Чобану • Марко Кон и Милан Николич • Лидия Копания • Адок Золи • Шинэйд Малви & Black Daisy
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